Funeral Costs and Prices

Funeral costs have risen significantly in recent years and more people are looking for transparency in how funeral directors price theirs goods and services.  They are also wanting to minimise what can feel like unnecessarily high expenditure on things they do not want.

Our pricing is straightforward. We charge a professional fee which covers our knowledge, expertise and time. Everything else we pass on at cost. We do not charge mark-ups on any of the products or services which we buy in for you: for example, hire of vehicles, coffins, flowers, or orders of service.

A Greenwood funeral usually costs between £3,500 and £4,500.   Our prices compare favourably with other funeral directors and we will always help you keep down the funeral costs wherever possible.

As soon as they are known to us, we will give you an itemised estimate of the funeral costs involved in a funeral. The final bill seldom differs much from the estimate and it will include the following four aspects:

  • the professional fee.
  • the undertaking costs linked to the care of the body.
  • the disbursement costs of burial or cremation.
  • the other costs relating to the choice of coffin, hire of vehicles, the celebrant, flowers, orders of service, announcements and notices.

Here is our current price list in relation to funeral costs:

Professional fee

This includes responsibility for ensuring all the necesssary arrangements are put in place, the submission of the paperwork, conducting on the day of the funeral, advice and support throughout. Our usual fee is £1500.

Undertaking costs

This includes care and collection of the body, dressing and placing the body in the coffin and visits to the Chapel of Rest. The minimum amount tends to be about £350 but can be more depending on what is required.

Crematorium costs

  • West Wiltshire
  • Mendip
  • Haycombe

The two doctors’ fees needed before a cremation can take place total £164. There is no fee where the coroner has been involved.

Burial costs

  • Westcombe Hill, Somerton
£825 (including gravedigging)
  • Bath Natural Burial Meadow, Midford
£1255 (excluding gravedigging)
  • Local Municipal Cemeteries
£728 – £1360


Coffin costs

  • Standard wooden veneer
  • Cardboard
£175 – £250
  • English willow
£350 – £450
  • Recycled newspaper
  • Pine
  • Recycled/sustainable wood
£475 – £625
  • Felt soft coffin
£450 – £900


Other costs

  • Hearse with driver
  • Ford Mondeo with driver
  • Bearers
£35 each
  • Celebrant or minister
£150 – £200
  • Orders of service
£75 – £150
  • Announcements and notices
£75 – £400+
  • Flowers
£50 – £150
  • Venue to hold a service
£50 – £150
  • Urn or container for ashes

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