As Greenwood Funerals, we specialise in carrying out funerals which involve a high level of personal interaction with the family and friends responsible for arranging a funeral.  During lockdown, we could no longer work in quite the same way due to the restrictions which were put in place because of the Corona virus pandemic.

For a while, many crematoriums and burial grounds were still holding funeral services but in very restricted circumstances and with only a handful of people present.  Restrictions have eased but they may be re-imposed.

An option which has become more established due to the pandemic is direct cremation.  Direct cremations do not involve a funeral service.  However family and friends can hold a separate funeral or memorial service without the coffin present or at a later date when there is more freedom to travel and be together.  A direct cremation followed by a memorial sometime in the future can be a sound choice for many people.

As experienced funeral directors and celebrants, we can always talk to you about how you wish to say good-bye to someone who has died and how best to honour and celebrate their life.  We understand the importance of a good funeral and we are very willing to put our creative hats on and work with you.

Please feel that you can call us on 01373 440195 to begin the conversation of what to do when someone has died in these unprecedented times.