Non-Religious Funerals

  Creating the Right Funeral for Friends and Family In the funeral world, everyone tends to assume that we can have either religious funerals or humanist, non-religious funerals.  Why?  I think it's because as a society we love simple choices between one thing or another when often the reality is more nuanced and complex.  Strictly, [...]

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Good Funerals – Bad Funerals

Why Do Good Funerals Matter? When I meet people who I don’t know for the first time in a social setting and I say what what I do for a living as a funeral director and celebrant, they often tell me about a funeral which they remember. Usually it’s a family member like a parent [...]

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Funeral Poems

How to Choose the Best Funeral Poems The poet Brian Patten makes the observation that a lot of people say they don’t like poetry but at times of stress end up going to poetry. What poetry does best, he adds, is to remind us of things that are important when the world emotionally overtakes [...]

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