A Funeral for Extinct Species

On Saturday November 24th Greenwood Funerals played a key role in staging an unusual funeral.    Around two hundred people walked slowly through Frome behind a coffin symbolising a Funeral for Extinct Species.  Traffic was diverted and many curious onlookers were riveted as we walked past.  It was both a moment of pure theatre and [...]

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“My Father’s Wake” by Kevin Toolis

Have you even been to an Irish Wake?  I have just read “My Father’s Wake” by Kevin Toolis.  The book is subtitled “How the Irish Teach Us to Love, Live and Die”.  It is a powerful book written by someone who has engaged head-on with the harsh reality of death in many of the most [...]

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“A Year to Live”

Coming to Terms with Our Mortality Meretta Hart writes in response to our blog on Talking about Death and Dying, the greatest challenge for me has been to accept that one day I will not exist or be here in this body.  Here she reflects on her experience of coming to terms with her [...]

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Facing Our Mortality

  Talking about Death and Dying Most of us wish to avoid talking about death and dying.  Usually it is circumstance in the form of illness, an accident or a close encounter with death that forces us to face up to the reality of death.  Until then, facing our mortality is not high on our [...]

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