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What Kind of Funeral?

These are the kinds of questions we will help you think through:

Did the person who has died express any wishes about:

  • the kind of funeral they wanted?
  • whether they wanted to be buried or cremated?

Are you thinking of:

  • a green, alternative or traditional funeral?
  • a small intimate funeral or a larger public one?
  • holding the service at home or in a village hall?

Do you want:

  • a particular type of coffin or shroud?
  • to hire vehicles like a hearse or limo or use your own?
  • to have family members or friends bear the coffin during the funeral?

Would you like:

  • to be involved in the washing and dressing of the body?
  • to view the body?
  • to hold a vigil or wake before the funeral?

Do you have views on:

  • flowers?
  • music?
  • orders of service?
  • announcements in local or national newspapers?
  • donations?

After the funeral, will you:

  • have a post-funeral gathering?
  • inter the ashes in a formal ceremony?
  • plan a memorial of some kind?